New Crawdaddy Club

For the best in local, national and international blues - in Essex

  1. Add some text in a regular Text Block (as I am doing so in this sentence). You don't have to spell out the Link address - it's up to you.
  2. HIGHLIGHT the text you want to become a Link. (One letter, Word, Sentance or Paragraph).
  3. Click on the LINK EDITOR Icon on the Toolbar. (It's the 5th symbol from the left looking like a lop-sided Figure 8). A new box will appear and the highlighted text will turn yellow.
  4. In the new box, at the flashing cursor, type in the full Link address of interest. (For Tom Walker's FB page it would be
    " ". (without the inverted commas).
  5. You have the option for the Link to open a new page in the punter's browser (I would recommend this option as it leave the Crawdaddy Page still open and easier to return to).
  6. Click anywhere outside of the link box and SAVE your work.
  7. Test it out.

Below is my examples of what it could/should look like....

Example 1.  Click HERE to visit Tom Walker's Facebook page.

Example 2.  Click on the link to visit Tom Walker's Facebook page:


SQUARESPACE has a good tutorial and video of how to do it. Click HERE to visit the relevant Help page.
You will see that you can create Links to more than just Web pages - don't get too cocky!.

Hope this clarifies things and let me know how you get on - Chris P

(ps. Don't forget to delete the Embeded Blocks you created on the Blog and Gallery pages).